Marilyn was not born a natural photographer, but she became one when her discovery for the love of photography was unveiled after a Safari trip in Kenya in 1986.

She learned from the best out there and put all of her into being a photographer. Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan, & Frans Lanting were amongst the few to teach her photography.

As for her personal interest, she likes to capture nature and its beauty but is flexible to change as beauty is everywhere.

Before being a photographer, Marilyn had been through many careers, winning many awards such as the Emmy award for her work in a T.V. show or the Mrs. Georgia in 1983.

She has appeared numerous times on CNN & Good Morning America, which helped her highlight her photos to large audiences.

Her workshops have been conducted during Renaissance Weekend in Hilton Head, Palm Springs, & Charleston. She is also a Charter Member of NANPA. She credits them for giving her the opportunities to meet and discuss her craft with leading nature photographers.

Currently, Marilyn's work is displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. as part of Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition.

She has also been featured in Nature's Best Magazine Special African Edition, the Special Smithsonian Awards issues 2001 & 2005, NWF Magazine, Ranger Rick Magazine, Getaway Magazine, "Route 66" Magazine as well as textbooks, worldwide newspapers, and various travel brochures.

She has spent most of 2012 photographing the Maasai of Loita Hills, Kenya, where she lived with them as a part of their tribe. Her photography career is represented by Danita Delimont Stock Agency.

Marilyn has won numerous International Awards, including the following:

Nature's Best International Photography Award 2001 "The Trunk"
AGFA Wildlife & Environment Photographic Award 2003
Nature's Best International Photography Highly Honored 2013 & 2015
3 National Wildlife Federation Merit Award Winners